Free Prescription Lenses | Josh Fano

All of our custom made single-vision prescription lenses include a 3 in 1 premium lens coating as standard, free of charge! 

The scratch resistant, anti-reflective part of the coating allows more light through the lens, which improves clarity while reducing eye strain. The hydrophobic coating prevents visual distortion caused by water droplets - so wearing your glasses in the rain won't be a problem! Meanwhile, the oleophobic coating repels grease and fingerprints to help keep the lenses cleaner for longer. 

Prescription Lenses from Josh Fano 

To make sure your new Josh Fano glasses come with the right prescription lenses, we will need to know more about your prescription. 

We need your full prescription, as well as your Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement - which is the distance between the pupils of your eyes, center to center. A PD measurement can be obtained from your optician on request. 

Having this information helps us to produce the best lens shape and alignment of your prescription to your line of vision. 

Sending Us Your Prescription 

There are a number of different ways that you can send us your prescription information and your PD measurement - and whichever works best for you is fine by us! 

  • Take a clear picture on your mobile phone
  • Use a scanner app on your mobile phone  
  • Scan a copy to your computer

You can then email it to or upload it onto one of the product pages on our website for which you want to add the prescription lenses to. If required, we will contact you for further information.